SMS API [Application Programming Interface] is used to connect to our Messaging Platform. SMS API provides an easy, efficient and flexible option to integrate with your website / application, facilitating auto-generated SMS  to be delivered to the destination mobile number.

Our SMS API provides great functionality and its methods are easy for any developer to understand. It requires just the programmatic handling of forms and/or emails and can SMS-enable applications within minutes.

Any type of application which has access to the internet (e.g. website, software, database etc.) can become SMS-enabled.

We support sending bulk sms through HTTP API that can be integrated with your website based on the programming language used to design the website/application i.e., ASP.net, VB.net, PHP, Java, C# and the sample codes are available in the downloads. Using Microsoft Visual Studio or Dreamweaver you can edit the calling page and just need to pass the parameters required i.e., username, password, sender, message, mobile number, message type and DLR [delivery reports].

  1. It has capacity which allows 10,000 SMS using HTTP API in a single request
  2. Simulation mode to avoid wastage of funds during development by HTTP API.
  3. HTTP API User-fed message ID's used for simplified tracking.

HTTP API using programming languages .Net, PHP, Java. Users can send:-

  1. Unicode(language) sms
  2. Text /Flash sms
  3. Schedule/Reminder sms
  4. WAP URL sms

Excel Plug-In

Excel Plugin

Excel Plugin enables used to send Bulk SMS very easy directly from the the excel file instead of logging into the website every time they need to send sms. SMS-Excel Plugin integrates with Microsoft Excel® and enables you to send bulk SMS to recipient mobile numbers across the India from your PC using Microsoft Excel. Users need to install Dot net framework and Excel plug-in bulk sms software in their PC.

Users need to check if their antivirus is blocking the Excel plug-in and the Excel plug-in is not disabled in excel options. Users can send sms through excel sheet containing the data of their customer names and mobile numbers.

Excel plug-in allows you to send language sms as well as personalized/customized sms with personal names.

(1).Dear<parent name>, your child<student name> is absent today.
(2).Dear<Customer name>, please pay the premium for the loan.


  1. 10,000 sms at a single click.
  2. Unicode (language) sms.
  3. Flash sms.
  4. Personalized/Customized sms.
  5. No charge for using our excel plug-in.

Two-way SMS


Two Way Messaging platform which allows you to receive SMS, besides sending SMS. This allows you complete flexibility in managing your incoming messages.

The Two Way Messaging application is a unique application developed with the aim to service a wide range of short code based applications. In it you can connect to various providers using the vendor independent SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) or HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) protocol for sending and receiving messages. We can handle the following ranges of applications:-

Lead Keywords

A lead keyword is the most basic keyword, here internally a static response is mapped against the given keyword, which is sent when that specific keyword is found at the beginning of the received message.

Contest Keywords

Contest keyword as the name suggests can be used to run short message service based reply response type of contests. The contests supported are objective type (with upto 3 objectives) with option to limit the number of user responses, etc.

Poll Keywords

Poll keywords are used for running polls, where reply messages can be sent using the short message service. You can dynamically set the number of options, and the summary of poll results is dynamically updated on receipt of each message.

URL Based Keywords

URL Based keywords are the most advanced features of all, here we can feed in a custom URL on which a received message is to be forwarded, and response returned will be sent back to the mobile user who sent the message, thus providing a way to plug in our own business logic for such keywords.

VMN[virtual mobile number]: Virutal mobile number[VMN] or dedicated long code is provided for the users looking for unique long code for their Company.

It will take 5 to 7 working days for providing VMN and can also provide the same day depending on the availability of VMN.