Banking And Finance

Bulk sms is being used by Banks and finance companies to send bulk sms to their targeted customers as inform existing customers on the transactions done. Ex: Sending an SMS alert when their balance in their account is low, cash withdrawals from ATM, Loan status, or when a direct debit is due to come off. It helps your customers manage their money and in return, ensuring they are happy customers increases the likelihood that they will stay with your bank or financial institution.

Our communication services can be used to send sensitive online mobile banking information such as transaction and fraud message alerts direct to the client’s mobile, ensuring privacy and safety. By sending proactive mobile banking alerts, customers are kept informed and can deal with any issues on the spot, helping increase control and security of their personal information i.e., OTP code and passwords. 

SMS trade alerts update investors in real time. This is crucial considering how fast paced this environment is, as share prices can move quickly and unexpectedly. In order to capitalize promptly and minimize losses, companies need to be able to communicate with investors as immediately as possible.