Transportation & Tracking

Airlines are already utilising SMS travel alerts to keep their passengers informed of any significant service information such as flight SMS alerts with information regarding any changes, delays or cancellations. Flight SMS updates are a great way to enhance customer service and improve satisfaction by keeping travellers updated and allowing them to resolve any knock on effects changes could create on their travel plans. We can create airline SMS solutions which fit exactly with your requirements. Improve your customers travel experience today.

Courier mobile sms alerts give firms a means of tracking packages around the globe. Clients can instantly find out the status of their expected delivery items by simply sending an SMS text message with the tracking code to the courier company, receiving an automated SMS reply confirming the status of the package. Courier SMS alerts are working exceptionally well and are a great way for companies to easily improve customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business by providing a more efficient service.

SMS tracking is also being adopted by some logistic companies for worldwide vehicle tracking, as well as providing a cost-effective solution for two-way SMS communication with drivers. M2M SMS (machine-to-machine) also enables aspects of vehicle maintenance and performance to be monitored and reported back to the company’s control centre, including updates on mileage and fuel use. This is a great safety feature and a must for many companies.