Education - Institutions and Schools

Bulk sms is used by Education institutions and Schools as there is need to not only notify staff about any impending school closures but also need to inform all the parents of students performance, exams and fees reminder notifications. It is crucial that parents are informed quickly as they may need to arrange for alternative childcare to be put in place and can mean a parent will have to be absent from work..

Schools are also under pressure to protect all children. This means that they need to ensure that travel to school is not dangerous as this can have severe consequences for them if travel is deemed dangerous and the school remains open. To ensure all staff and parents are informed instantly, SMS notifications are an extremely effective way to inform all parties quickly and accurately that schools are to remain open or close.

Some teachers also use SMS for providing absenteeism reports or for communicating with parents. Keeping parents informed about any issue relating to their child is a key part of the education process, and being able to easily contact parents regarding an issue at school, truancy or just to provide regular updates on their child's progress or school events offers clear benefits to schools, parents and pupils alike.

Sms alerts are also by International schools by sending the location of the bus in the sms with GPS url link to the parents before arrival to avoid long wait for the bus and ensure safety in case of situations like bandhs, riots, rains and traffic jams etc