SMS can also be used for monitoring and controlling external equipment, making it possible to issue instant alerts to key staff and operators regarding any power failures or generator issues.
Additionally, SMS can be used by plant and remote workers to communicate immediately with management on job status and work completed, as well as allowing timesheets to be sent electronically without the need for drawing up paperwork which could delay staff payments or charging-out to an external client.
There are a number of ways the SMS mobile communications medium can be harnessed to the specific needs of individual organisations operating within the industrial, engineering and manufacturing sectors. Organisations or individuals can track the progress of key deliveries which are critically important to keeping their production lines running.


Customers can easily benefit from the sheer versatility and adaptability of our mobile SMS messaging services, whether you are a restaurant receiving booking requests via SMS so you can confirm reservations immediately by return text before the customer starts looking elsewhere or a local car garage who want to send service and MOT reminders to customers by SMS.

As a chain store or retail outlet, mass SMS message distribution makes it easy to reach all, or a specific segment of, your customers at once whether it's hot news of special sales promotions, sending out SMS stock alerts, or information regarding in-store events or the arrival of new ranges.