Healthcare: [Health notifications & reminders]

Hospitals, medical clinics are increasingly depending on the speed and efficiency of SMS to pass important information to their patients – to remind them of an appointment or to take their medication on time. It is also be used to send out personally tailored SMS messages of encouragement and support to smokers trying to quit or dieters needing a little boost of morale. And there can certainly be no better way to contact doctors on call or standby duty.

SMS are used by Gyms to send health tips, diet to be followed, to renew their membership by their fitness trainer and nutrition specialist.

SMS Mobile communications really is the most reliable and efficient way to communicate with patients and particularly those who may have profound hearing problems.

In few hospitals, specialist SMS solutions are being used to allow patients to contact family and friends without the risk of the technology affecting the performance of other hospital equipment

Gyms and Fitness Training: